Thanks for your tips on raising teenagers!

One of my goals for this blog is to start an interactive discussion – raising provocative questions and encouraging readers to answer.  This approach fits with my belief that wisdom can be found in ordinary people – if we seek it. Here are some great tips offered (from my Facebook friends) when I asked for tips on guiding your child through the teenage years.

Sidney (age 93, father of four adult children):

“One key: both give clear guidance AND be an all-round friend of the child, not just a parent. Works wonders. We never had that sort of teen-age alienation, and I think it was because both parents were pals of the four kids and they liked to spend time with us.”

Who knew we'd travel to Thailand together someday?

Who knew we’d travel to Thailand together someday?

Shelley (currently raising a teenaged son):

“If you already laid the foundation of respect – mutual – just keep it up. As always with kids, focus on what’s really important. Just the right amount of age-appropriate trust in them goes a long way. They still need clear boundaries and expectations. Lots of laughing around them. They’ll notice.”

Audrey Bennett (mother of two young adult children):

“On my father’s side of the family, every other person is a lifelong alcoholic. I was honest early on with my children about the importance of taking care of their bodies. I started out talking about eating the right food and as they asked more questions, introduced the ideas of not smoking and not drinking alcohol. As they got older, I explained that those who wait to try alcohol until they are 21 or older typically have fewer problems with alcohol. Many parents are glad when their teen is popular and included in lots of parties. Not me. I was thrilled to have homebodies who avoided drinking. They’re both in their mid-twenties, and as far as I can tell they’ve both avoided the family curse.”

Gregg (father of three young adult sons):  “Remember: they raise you, too.”

Thanks to all of you!  If any one else has a comment, let me know. I’d love to add to this list of wisdom.

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As a former journalist in Hong Kong, I love writing books that bridge the gap of understanding between China and America. My new book, When the Red Gates Opened: A Memoir of China's Reawakening, will be published in September 2020.
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