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Can wisdom be measured?

I know. That sounds crazy, doesn’t it?  Knowledge can be measured – although even that rouses controversy. But how could anyone possibly measure wisdom? Perhaps I should not have been surprised to find out that academics have attempted to measure … Continue reading

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How can we become wiser? A five-month “course”

Were you an eager-beaver achiever at school? If so, you might enjoy a five-month “course” in wisdom, starting today. If not, you might like the freedom of dipping in, now and again, to see if there’s anything here that applies … Continue reading

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Seeking wisdom in the ordinary: Will you join my journey?

How do you define success? Wealth, power, fame? For me, it was achievement. I absorbed other people’s definitions of what that meant in my field (journalism and writing), and that became my goal. And I achieved a lot. But recently, … Continue reading

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